Cross Purpose is not our band, but the Lord's. All four of us are members of Walnut Hill Community Church in Bethel, CT where we're often heard playing music on Sunday mornings. We also enjoy bringing our songs to many different venues such as coffeehouses, outnedoor festivals, fundraisers, and street fairs. Our goal is to use the musical gifts God has given us to entertain, bring hope, and maybe even challenge you. Click here for our upcoming performance.

We've brought our tunes to such places as the City Center Danbury Summer Concert Series, The Bushnell in Hartford, Moonlight Café in Brewster, Witchdoctor Brewing Company in Southington CT, The Bethel CT Summer Concert Series, Harvest Moon Orchard in North Salem NY, Hayfields Market in North Salem NY, Orange County Distillery in New Hampton NY, The Putnam County 4-H Fair in Carmel NY, and many others. While we play a lot of our own material (including some that are a bit satirical) we can also include an eclectic variety of covers. With about 180 years of experience among the four of us we know how to tailor our material to each venue which can also include having our drummer use a djembe and cajon instead of a full kit. • 845.279.9430
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